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Guest Room

The guest room is a purely Japanese-style building of an atmosphere settled down. Can watch the figure of the wild bird of the riverside a lake and a mountain range wish from each room. At night, please relax while watching nature lighted up. In addition, a lamp with a paper shade image of the guest room entrance is a picture of the artist Kenji Uchino entirely. Please enjoy it while taking a walk through building.


Hot Spring Bath

The outdoor hot spring of this pavilion boast causes suitable atmosphere for the Senkyo no Yado (hotel) "綮ν". It is a fresh green the extension to the other side of steam in spring, an autumn tint in autumn, and one pure white snow scene in winter.
The body must feel the moment when it relaxes sincerely by the ear, eyes, and the skins.

New building

There is a hot spring put while lying. It is a room with the bath where the renewal opening was done.

Private Bath
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